Welcome to Aristi!

Enjoy authentic Zagori delicacies
in our traditional restaurant

The restaurant

The square of Aristi, part symbolic as “everyone goes through there”. Travelers and locals become a big company when they sit under the plane tree and enjoy the traditional tsipouro and the authentic flavors.

The interior, “warm” by the smile of our people but also the traditional fireplaces that give warmth in winter and beauty in summer. Authenticity and hospitality that make the dishes more delicious.

The rear balcony with a view, “travels” you with the magical view of the lush green and impressive Zagori landscape.

The menu

Epirus cooking is a bridge between South and north, east and west. It marries the olive oil with the sheep butter, it uses meats and vegetables, but mainly makes pies.


Enjoy the authentic flavors of En Aristi


In Aristi, almost everything you choose is being prepared at that moment, and it takes time.
Earn this time by making your table online!


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